Don’t Miss Your Exit Seminar

Don't-Miss-Your-Exit-Ad---Second-with-REGISTER-560x365-72dpi Small business owners gathered on November 8th for the Don’t Miss Your Exit Seminar presented by Lommen Abdo Law Firm in conjunction with Upsize Minnesota Magazine. The seminar’s goal was to help small business owners chart their company’s value and to map out whether to convert their equity into cash or safely pass their company along to family or co-owners.  Over a hundred people attended the seminar, which was held at a family business: Elsie’s Restaurant, Bar & Bowling Center in northeast Minneapolis.

Get more information on the seminar. If you were unable to attend the seminar but would like to receive the materials, please contact Jenny Olson, providing your name, company information and email address.

The presenters included attorneys from Lommen Abdo, a small business owner, accountants, a business intermediary and a bank president.  The topics discussed were Building Value for Sale or Succession, Sale to a Third Party for Maximum Dollars and Transfer to Co-Owners or Family.


  • Bob Abdo, Stacey DeKalb, Tom Dougherty, Greg Perleberg, Karen Schlotthauer and Dan Young, Lommen Abdo Law Firm (lawyers)
  • Sarah Atkins, CavClear (business owner)
  • Sean Hauenstein and Dennis Peterson, Copeland Buhl & Company (accountants)
  • Frank Fuller, Franklin Bank (bank president)
  • Jerry Clark, SealedBid (business intermediary)

Some of the comments received from those who attended the seminar:

  • Great topics and good material provided.
  • Glad I came.  Well worth the time; well planned and delivered.
  • Great idea to do this.  Well executed.
  • Very informative.
  • Great presentation. Some of your clients sitting in my table are your best ambassadors, they spoke highly of their relationship with your firm.  Great job selecting the topic and the panel of experts. The materials are comprehensive and very helpful.
  • Thank you for inviting me to your seminar. I enjoyed the presentation and meeting many of the business owners present at the event. You and your partners did a great job in taking complex topics and presenting great strategies to make the process manageable. Terrific job.






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