Employment Training Services for Employers


Lommen Abdo Employment Training Services for Employers

Stacey A. DeKalb, Chair of the Lommen Abdo Employment Law Practice, conducts employment training programs for our business clients.  Some of the most popular sessions are those geared towards supervisory employees, who act on behalf of the employer, as well as have responsibility for responding to the actions of others.  As a consequence, it is important that employers take the time to ensure that supervisory staff are appropriately trained in the various, complex employment laws. While Ms. DeKalb will custom tailor the training to meet a particular company’s needs, the topic list includes the following:

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Program.  Provides practical suggestions for employers to prevent unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace as well as advice on how an employer should respond to an harassment or discrimination complaint.

Employee Performance, Discipline and Discharge.  Provides advice to managers and human resource professionals on the importance of properly conducted performance appraisals, how to conduct effective performance appraisals, and avoiding or limiting liability in disciplinary and termination matters.

Avoiding Liability During the Hiring Process.  Provides a general overview of the law as it applies to the hiring process and provides management and human resources professionals with practical information to avoid liability throughout the hiring process, from interview to job offer.

Coordinating FMLA, ADA, Workers’ Compensation and other State and Federal Leave Laws.  Explains the differences of the various state and federal leave laws and practical suggestions for coordinating leaves of absence.

Making the Right Choices under Today’s Disability and Leave Laws.  Discusses rights and obligations under state and federal disability and leave laws and provides practical suggestions for dealing with injured employees in a way that reduces the risk of claims.

Avoiding Retaliatory Discharge Claims when Dealing with the Injured Worker.  Provides an overview of the laws that grant injured employees employment-related rights and practical suggestions for employers who need to coordinate the various laws when terminating the injured employee becomes necessary.

Settlement and Release Considerations in Employment Cases.  Discussion of situations where an employer might consider offering a separating employee a written agreement which provides additional benefits in exchange for a release of claims and how to make sure that the written agreement amounts to a valid release.

Risks and Liabilities of Using Independent Contractors, Temporary Employees and Leased Employees.  Provides employers with an overview of the differences between alternatives to full-time employment and suggestions for helping to insulate employers from liability under employment-related statutes.

Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse in the Minnesota Workplace.  Provides a discussion of Minnesota laws that touch on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace and what is required for compliance.

ADA Training for Supervisors.  Provides an overview of the fundamental components of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to the workplace.  Definitions, non-compliance and reasonable accommodation requests are addressed.

Retaliation and Whistleblower Avoidance and Complaint Prevention Training for Supervisors.  Learn the difference between retaliation and whistleblower claims and the definition of protected activity.

Confronting Workplace Bullying Training for Supervisors.  Discussion of the definition of bullying, the forms of bullying behavior, the difference between workplace bullying and unlawful discrimination and harassment, and ways to stop such behavior in the workplace.

Workplace Violence Training for Supervisors.  This presentation provides supervisors with the knowledge to recognize potentially violent workplace situations, techniques to diffuse escalating situations and security procedures to ensure the safety of employees during violent situations.

Managing Interpersonal Conflicts in the Workplace.  Discussion of what workplace interpersonal conflicts are, the causes of such conflicts, ways such interpersonal conflicts may be avoided and recommendations for supervisor involvement.

To schedule one of these seminars or to discuss tailoring a seminar to your particular needs, contact Stacey DeKalb at 612.336.9310, 800.752.4297 or stacey@lommen.com.  Ms. DeKalb chairs the firm’s Employment and Labor Law Section.

The Employment and Labor Law Section litigates employment law claims, such as wrongful discharge, breach of contract, negligent hiring or supervision, defamation and ERISA actions.  It also represents both businesses and individuals in areas such as harassment (training, investigation and claim resolution), discrimination, leave and absence issues, workplace health and safety issues, employee discipline, wage and hour issues, hiring issues, confidentiality and employment agreements, unemployment compensation and other employment matters.  Lommen Abdo represents clients in state and federal courts as well as before the EEOC and state and local administrative agencies.  In addition, the firm routinely represents clients in various alternatives to litigation, including mediations, arbitrations and other dispute resolution alternatives.