The pathway to a successful emerging growth company is full of wrong turns, dead ends and a few land mines. To successfully navigate the potential pitfalls, you will need experienced advisors who have “been there and done it.”   Our team of lawyers are experienced business counselors and former venture capital professionals who have advised companies from inception to IPO. We bring a strategic perspective to our clients business transactions and leverage our extensive networks to achieve strong business minded results. We look forward to guiding your emerging business down a pathway to success.

Lommen Abdo represents clients with a wide variety of Emerging Growth Business/Venture Capital issues. We are available to assist our clients, both individuals and businesses, with private placements, public offerings, and other capital raising endeavors. We offer advice to clients regarding compliance with state and federal laws and regulations and work with them on disclosure, registration and other matters.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the services of our Emerging Growth/Venture Capital attorneys.