Lommen Abdo’s mergers and acquisitions attorneys represent clients of all types and sizes involved in mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and other transactions involving the purchase and sale of businesses, as well as in the related financing. They work closely with other members of our firm in handling the various tax and other issues that often arise with the purchase or sale of a business. Lommen Abdo assists clients in all phases of the transaction, from the initial planning and due diligence stages, through the negotiation and execution of the acquisition documents, to the final closing and post-closing matters.

The sale of a company can be accomplished in either a taxable or a tax-free transaction. Owners of a company about to be acquired should be properly advised by knowledgeable mergers and acquisitions and tax lawyers before a letter of intent is signed.

The mergers and acquisitions team at Lommen Abdo can provide legal and tax advice for companies of any size. Lommen Abdo has represented numerous buyers in mergers and acquisitions transactions over the past 10 years — even during periods while the economy has been struggling. The firm has also represented sellers in many such transactions.

Lommen Abdo attorneys frequently serve as “special mergers and acquisitions counsel” to companies that are about to be acquired by larger firms. Our attorneys work closely with the business operations lawyers for such companies and can complete services on a one-time special project basis.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the services of our Mergers & Acquisitions attorneys.