When spouses are splitting up or perhaps were never married, they must still focus on what’s best for their children.  We help parents and grandparents work through the many legal issues that can arise related to the children.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Adoption

For many families, adoption is the preferred way of forming a forever family.  The experienced attorneys and staff at Lommen Abdo can help you decide which form of adoption is best for you and then assist you with the legal details of completing private placement, foreign, and stepparent adoptions in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  • Child support

Ensuring that both parents provide adequate support to the parties’ children is essential.  The costs of raising children are ever increasing and it is crucial that adequate child support, medical support, and an equitable division of the costs incurred for the children is ordered by the Court.  Lommen Abdo attorneys will work diligently with you to obtain the legally required level of support.

  • Custody and parenting time and placement

Children are the most precious product of your relationship and the custody and care of your children is the most important issue to be resolved in a divorce.  Minnesota and Wisconsin are both states that decide custody and parenting time and placement based upon the best interests of the child.  The statutory framework aims at providing significant contact with both parents in a manner that will be in the child’s best interest and allow them to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with both their parents.

  • Grandparent visitation

In the 21st century, many grandparents are stepping forward to provide support for their grandchildren for a variety of reasons.  Minnesota and Wisconsin recognize and respect the role that grandparents can play in the lives of their grandchildren and have provided a legal avenue to obtain court ordered visitation with their grandchildren.  Lommen Abdo attorneys will help you obtain meaningful visitation with your grandchildren.

  • Hague Convention (child kidnapping) cases

In cases involving families that live and work in multiple countries, there are often times when children spend time in two or more countries and disputes arise as to custody and parenting time.  In certain instances, a parent will refuse to return a child to his or her customary home.  This will require the intervention of courts across transnational boundaries and the enforcement of the divorce or custody decrees to obtain the return of a child.  Lommen Abdo attorneys can help you understand, navigate and litigate this complicated system to get your child back or ensure the return of a child to their customary home.

  • Paternity

As more families today have children when the parents are not married, paternity actions are needed to create the basis upon which to award custody and parenting time and to order child support and medical support.  Lommen Abdo attorneys will assist you in bringing the paternity, custody and support proceeding that will result in the best result for your family.

We represent clients throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities region and the St. Croix River Valley including Edina, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, Maple Grove, Somerset, Eagan, Minnetonka, Hudson, River Falls, Lakeville and New Richmond.