In today’s information economy, companies transact more and more business in the virtual world. Before the advent of the Internet, about 80% of the assets of the typical company were tangible, such as buildings and equipment.  Today, approximately 80% of the value of the companies listed on the S&P Fortune 500 is intellectual capital.  As a result, intellectual property permeates some core aspect of virtually every business in America today.

Lommen Abdo’s intellectual property attorneys have been at the forefront of this change. For many years our attorneys have served emerging and established businesses and creative individuals in a wide array of industries including advertising, architecture, breweries and brewpubs, book publishing, computer software, consumer products, e-commerce, film, healthcare, information technology, medical devices and products, music, radio, restaurant, social and interactive media, telecommunications, television, and the wine industry to name a few.

What does this mean for you? Intellectual property rights are not reserved solely for companies or individuals creating entertainment content or developing sophisticated new technologies.  Even if your business does not involve entertainment or technology, we can help you identify core business assets, protect your intellectual property portfolio, and sharpen strategies for growth.

Areas of expertise:

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