Are appeals any different than trials?  There is a distinction between trial work and appellate advocacy that may be hard to see when you are close to a case.  Our appellate counsel see the case the same way an appellate court does — from a written record.  As appellate advocates, we can make objective decisions about which facts are most beneficial, which issues were best preserved for appeal, and which issues present the best avenues for appeal. The best appellate lawyers understand how appellate judges think, they know the standards of review, and they can focus on making the appeal as persuasive as possible.  Lommen Abdo knows appeals.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Handling certification matters and other complex hearings;
  • Preparing or responding to motions
    • for temporary injunctions,
    • to exclude expert testimony,
    • for summary judgment/other dispositive motions,
    • motions seeking sanctions;
    • post-trial motions;
  • Monitoring trials to preserve issues on appeal;
  • Preparing briefs;
  • Presenting oral argument; and
  • Handling mandamus or interlocutory appeals.

View appellate decisions which we have handled.


  • Lommen Abdo Law Firm has very knowledgeable and competent appellate advocates.

Kay Nord Hunt, chair of Lommen Abdo’s appellate group, has herself handled more than 600 appeals in state and federal courts.  Because Lommen Abdo is a broad-based litigation and business firm, the appellate group, which includes Ms. Hunt, Michelle Kuhl, and Brent Tunis, has handled appeals in virtually every area of the law before the Minnesota and Wisconsin state and federal appellate courts. It also provides appellate services in such specialty courts at the U.S. Tax Court, the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel and the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals. The appellate group handles appeals for our litigation clients as well as appeals on cases initiated by other firms.  We represent clients in disputes involving liens, family law, insurance, employment, contracts, shareholder disputes, professional liability, tax and many other matters.

We traditionally charge for most appellate work on an hourly basis. However, alternative billing methods can provide greater predictability as to the total fee you will have to pay to help you budget. We are happy to work with you to find a mutually beneficial billing method when possible. There are a number of options we can consider, including a modified hourly rate with a success fee or a fixed fee.