Accidents happen every day with cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles.  Such accidents occur so frequently that everyone has either been in one or knows someone who has. Many of these accidents are not serious, but some cause major injury or death. Accident litigation seeks to protect people who have suffered personal injury and property damage because of a collision.  Those involved may be faced with medical and/or funeral costs, lost income, pain and suffering and expensive vehicle repairs.

Auto accident liability is generally determined according to the laws of the state in which the accident occurs. Each state sets time deadlines to seek recovery of any damages that result from such an accident. Lommen Abdo’s personal injury lawyers can assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries and expenses.

Areas of expertise:

  • Minnesota no-fault law
  • Wisconsin direct action law
  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • ATV accidents
  • Insurance coverage

As soon as possible after an auto accident, contact your insurance company. If there have been injuries or significant damage to any of the vehicles, you will also need to file a police report.  Provide them with information you have collected, including the names and contact information of drivers and passengers; names and contact information of any witnesses, police or emergency responders; vehicle registration information for all vehicles involved; insurance information from all drivers; time and location of accident; how the accident occurred; any unusual circumstances (i.e. bad weather, missing stop sign, etc.); known or suspected injuries; damage to any of the vehicles; and any claims of responsibility made by any of those involved.

What type of damages can be recovered?

The term ‘‘damages’’ refers to money awarded to the plaintiff in a personal injury case. Damages are intended to restore the injured person’s financial situation to a position roughly equivalent to what is was before the accident occurred. Damages can be awarded for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, permanent disability, mental stress, and other similar hardships.  Lommen Abdo can advise you of your rights and responsibilities and answer questions specific to your case.  We only receive a fee for our legal services if our client receives money from the parties responsible for the accident.

Act promptly so that any claim you may have does not become time-barred.