From here to there, but so much happens in between.

Many consumers may take for granted how the things they use every day get to them, but businesses involved in the transportation industry appreciate the complexity of the world’s transportation system.  From river barges to intercontinental air cargo, from interstate semi-trucks to bicycle couriers, the world of transportation can be difficult to navigate.  The competing interests of shippers, carriers, brokers, forwarders, customers, various governmental entities, modal competitors and, of course, the public all have an interest in moving goods and people efficiently, cleanly and safely from where the cargo is to where it needs to go.  The transportation lawyers at Lommen Abdo understand the moving landscape of transportation law.  They provide legal advice from the board room to the loading dock on issues unique to the industry as well as those issues crossing industry borders.  Lommen Abdo lawyers can help your transportation business negotiate contracts with your customers. They can help your manufacturing or distribution business evaluate the various transportation options available to get your product to your customers, your raw materials and supplies to your factory, and can help you if a governmental entity is looking into your business.  They can evaluate your exposure to risk, can review your employment and independent contractor options and assist you with the inevitable interactions with the Departments of Transportation and Labor, both state and federal.  Through our affiliation with attorneys all over North America, the Lommen Abdo transportation lawyers can work through almost any transportation issue facing your business.

Areas of Expertise: