While the hope is always that it can be avoided, the reality is that disputes arise and lawsuits happen.  The transportation industry is no different.  What is important to understand is that transportation litigation can be unique and complex.  It regularly involves relatively unknown, highly intricate set of laws, rules and regulations.  The unique nature of transportation litigation makes it even more critical to have lawyers the experience and deep understanding of transportation law and litigation.

Lommen Abdo’s attorneys have handled nearly every type of transportation litigation related matter for a range of clients including motor carriers, logistics companies, forwarders, shippers, and insurance companies.  We handle complex cargo claim litigation, motor vehicle accidental litigation, property and cargo subrogation, freight charge collection, transportation contract disputes, bankruptcy disputes and employment matters for our clients.  Our lawyers are regularly asked to comment and speak on transportation matters on a nationwide basis, including the ever-changing landscape of the owner-operator model.  Lommen Abdo also boasts a nationally recognized appellate practice that is prepared to handle the most complex appellate needs of our clients.

The nature of the industry can also involve catastrophic loss.  We understand the sensitive nature of a catastrophic loss.  We guide our clients through these difficult situations by educating our clients on the litigation process, assisting insurance defense counsel, and stepping in when issues arise with the client’s insurance company.  Catastrophic loss is difficult enough.  Our clients can always take comfort knowing that we are there to guide them through these difficult situations.

Lawsuits are also many times avoidable.  We consequently believe it is critical to help clients plan and evaluate risks to help the clients steer clear of litigation when it occurs.  When the unavoidable lawsuit arises, however, we take special pride in ensuring that our clients know Lommen Abdo is always ready and able to aggressively represent the client.