Beth Chapman

Areas of Practice:

Business Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability

Office Location:
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Beth Chapman provides litigation support from the defense perspective as well as prosecuting plaintiff claims. In addition to assisting with complex commercial litigation matters, Beth has extensive experience in professional liability defense, with an emphasis in legal and accounting malpractice. Her work includes coordinating a multitude of discovery issues and assisting with the preparation of cases for summary judgment, trial, mediation or arbitration.

She is a LAW Certified User and skilled in Ipro, Summation and Trial Director, which enables her to proficiently handle large, complex databases throughout litigation and trial. She is able to search and sort large volumes of documents with her specialized training.

Beth also is president of the firm’s litigation support subsidiary, Electronic Litigator®, which supports both Lommen Abdo’s litigators and other law firms. Electronic Litigator®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lommen Abdo, assists with the digital management of each phase of a litigation matter, from initial discovery through trial. Electronic Litigator® services are available both to Lommen Abdo clients and outside businesses. Electronic Litigator® utilizes its powerful technology assets to provide thorough yet efficient document analysis for both paper and electronic documents and maximizes their presentation in litigation. It is a cost-effective one-stop shop for litigation technology services.

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