Seminars and Other Information Sharing

August 17/18, 2018
Lauren Nuffort presented at the 2018 Trial Techniques Seminar in Duluth from August 16 to 18. She spoke with Danielle Parry from Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance and their session was titled “Attention Zealous Advocates: Don’t Forget Your Shield – Protecting Your Practice and Avoiding Traps in Legal Ethics and Malpractice Claims.”


June 18, 2018
Bryan Feldhaus spoke at a seminar for the BBB’s Focus Luncheon Series, “Downloading Technology in Business Practice” in Bloomington, Minnesota.


June 18, 2018
Cameron Kelly and Jesse Beier spoke with Steve Sorenson at an NBI seminar, Trusts 101 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


June 13, 2018
Keith Broady, Lauren Nuffort and Kathleen Loucks participated in a seminar presented by the Minnesota Construction Association, “Construction Litigation: Lessons from the Trenches Part II.” Keith Broady, Lauren Nuffort and Karl Yeager of Meagher & Geer were panelists and the panel was moderated by Kathleen Loucks.


April 18, 2018
Stacey DeKalb spoke at a seminar for the BBB’s Focus Luncheon Series, “How to Avoid Liability Arising from the Employment Relationship: Hiring to Firing and Everything in Between.”


March 7, 2018
Cameron Kelly and Jesse Beier presented at the Hudson Daybreak Rotary on “Probate and Estate Planning Fundamentals.”


February 13, 2018
Cameron Kelly spoke at an NBI webcast, Estate Planning from A to Z. Cameron will present on two topics, “Basic Tax Planning” and “Trusts 101.”


December 5, 2017
Mike Glover spoke on Electronic Logging Devices in the transportation industry at the Marsh & McLennan Agency in Bloomington, Minnesota.  Mike presented, along with an FMCSA representative, various legal, regulatory, and compliance issues relating to the December 2017 implementation date for installation and use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) for hours of service monitoring in interstate commercial motor vehicles.


November 1, 2017
Kay Hunt spoke at a Minnesota CLE seminar, “Divorce A to Z: How to Appeal Decisions in Family Court Matters.”


October 19, 2017
Mike Moline spoke at a webinar, Bad-Faith Claims and Its Impact on Insurance Companies presented by the Knowledge Group. Mike spoke with Aaron French and Nelson Bellido on topics such as “Bad Faith Set-Up – A Legal Primer,” “Mechanics of Set-Up Allegations” and “Implications to Insurers and Insurance Companies.”


October 17, 2017
Mike Glover spoke on logging issues, enforcement and Electronic Logging Device mandate at a breakout session, “Federal Hours of Service,” at the 2017 Risk Management Summit on October 17, 2017.


October 13, 2017
Bryan Feldhaus spoke at a Hennepin County Bar Association seminar, “Downloading Technology in Legal Practice: ABA Formal Opinion 477 & Cybersecurity Best Practices.”


September 13, 2017
Stacey DeKalb spoke at a seminar presented by the St. Croix Valley Employers Association, Keep Calm and Labor On: Where Employment and Law Meet.  Stacey’s session was titled “Hiring to Firing: An Overview of Issues.”


September 8, 2017
Bryan Feldhaus spoke at a Hennepin County Bar Association seminar on “Professionalism & Ethics: Downloading Technology in Legal Practice; Amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct.”


August 30, 2017
Jesse Beier spoke at the NBI Seminar, The Probate Process From Start to Finish.  Jesse presented “Putting the Case to Rest: Closing the Estate.”


June 28 2017
Jason Engkjer spoke at the Supply Chain Cargo & Security Summit in Jersey City, New Jersey and presented by the TLP&SA and CargoNet.  Jason spoke on a panel titled, “Hot Legal Topics: Broker-Carrier Liability, Misclassification – Independent Contractor vs. Employee and New Cases.”  The conference was attended by transportation executives and industry professionals from all over the United States.


June 28, 2017
Reid Lindquist and Lauren Nuffort presented to a group of 75 subrogation and liability claims representatives at Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. in Independence, Ohio. The audience was comprised of claim representatives and claim managers who handle and oversee Sedgwick’s rental car division. Their presentation, “Negligence and Evidence: From a Recovery and Liability Perspective,” discusses the negligence theory of recovery, defenses to negligence, and evidence that should be reviewed when adjusting auto accidents.


June 8, 2017
Kay Nord Hunt and Bryan Feldhaus presented a live webcast by Minnesota CLE, “Civil Litigation A to Z: The End Game – Making Post-Trial Motions & Initiating Appeals.”  They discussed the ins and outs of post-trial motions and initiating appeals in both federal and Minnesota state court.


May 25, 2017
Jason Engkjer presented a session at the Annual Convention of the North Dakota Motor Carrier’s Association on “Corporate Formalities and Tax Issues Unique to the Transportation Industry.”


May 24, 2017
Mike Glover and Jason Engkjer presented a session at the Annual Convention of the North Dakota Motor Carrier’s Association: “Transportation Contracts: What to Know Before Signing on the Dotted Line.”


May 17, 2017
Cameron Kelly presented “Tax Reduction with Trusts, Main Trust Principles and Simple Testamentary Trusts/Revocable Living Trusts” at the National Business Institute webcast Trusts from A to Z, a Wisconsin continuing education course provided to attorneys, financial planners, trust officers, accountants and CPA’s to learn or review the basic concepts relating to trusts.


May 12, 2017
Phil Cole and Richard Thomas presented a webcast series on the ins and outs of legal malpractice claims. The series took place at noon on three Fridays throughout May and was presented by Minnesota CLE. They discussed what legal malpractice is and how it is proved, how to use expert witnesses, and the nature of a lawyer’s duties and insurance coverage.


September 21, 2016
Lommen Abdo was a sponsor of the National Legal Malpractice Conference sponsored by the American Bar Association. The conference took place in Chicago from September 21 to 23, 2016.


August 4, 2016
Marc Johannsen and Kay Nord Hunt spoke at a seminar titled “The marriage is ending. Now what? Who gets what? What do I need to know?”  The event was sponsored by Aging but DANGEROUS and Lommen Abdo Law Firm and took place at Urban Growler Brewing.


June 9, 2016
Keith Broady participated in a webinar by The Knowledge Group on Asset Purchases: Techniques and Best Practices to Avoid Successor Liability.


May 19, 2016
Jason Engkjer presented a webinar for Strafford Publications on “Drafting Motor Carrier Agreements: Anticipating and Addressing Cargo Claims.”


May 12, 2016
Jason Engkjer presented at the North Dakota Motor Carrier’s Association Annual Convention on the topic of “Owner-Operator vs. Employee Drivers: Understanding the Differences and Avoiding the Pitfalls.”


April 1, 2016
Kay Hunt spoke at a six hour NBI webcast on April 1st, Appellate Case Preparation Start to Finish. Kay spoke on “Making an Ethical Appeal” and “Oral Argument Techniques that Get Results.” Eric Magnuson and Stephen Buterin were co-presenters.


November 18, 2015
The Executive Women’s Council of the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce presented “Preventing Violence in the Workplace.” Amy Ruge, Senior Threat Assessment Team Leader for Target, was the presenter. Lommen Abdo is a sponsor of the Executive Women’s Council.


November 3, 2015
Jamie Johnson presented at an NBI webcast, “Personal Injury From Start to Finish for Paralegals.”


October 27, 2015
Two Lommen Abdo attorneys spoke at the 2015 Minnesota Closely Held Business Conference presented by Minnesota CLE.  Stacey DeKalb and Thomas Dougherty presented “Independent Contractor or Employee? Updates on New Wage and Hour Division Administrator’s Interpretation; Recommendations for Best Practices.”


October 16, 2015
Kay Hunt spoke at the Minnesota CLE webcast, “Handling Appeals (and Building an Appellate Practice in the Process).” David Herr of Maslon, LLP and Eric J. Magnuson, former Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court and now with Robins Kaplan, LLP, co-presented.


October 16, 2015
Michael Moline spoke at the Premier Midwest Construction Defect & Dispute Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  He presented “Strategies to Perfect, Present and Preserve Appraisal Awards after Quade.”


October 9, 2015
Deb Swenson spoke at the 2015 Minnesota Bankruptcy Institute by Minnesota CLE. Deb spoke on a panel on “Avoidance Claims 101: Common Chapter 5 Claims and The Uniform Voidable Transactions Act.”


October 1, 2015
Kay Hunt spoke at the 2015 Medical Malpractice Conference on “Pfeiffer: How Does it Impact Expert Review Practice?”


August 19, 2015
Kay Hunt spoke at a Minnesota CLE seminar entitled “The U.S. Supreme Court’s Big New Decisions.”  Kay presented on four cases concerning the First Amendment.


June 29, 2015
Stacey DeKalb and Tom Dougherty presented a lunch seminar in the Advanced Family Law Series by Minnesota CLE.  They spoke with Marilyn Michales, Thomas Harjes and Lymari Santana on “When Corporate Equity Interests Are Marital Assets – Treatment in Divorce.”


May 4, 2015
Phil Cole presented at the 2015 Business Law Institute by Minnesota CLE on May 4th.  He spoke on “Conflicts of Interest and Malpractice Issues for Business Lawyers.”


February 21, 2015
Mike Moline spoke in February at the Minnesota Association for Justice’s Midwinter Seminar. Mike’s panel discussed “IOU an EUO?!”


November 13, 2014
Mike Moline and John Herrera presented at the Native Asset Building Summit on “Protecting our Assets: Best Practices for Administering the Cobell Settlement — Top 10 Lessons Learned.”