By Stacey A. DeKalb, Chair of Lommen Abdo’s Employment Practice Group

Recent sexual harassment headlines should be a reminder to employers of their need to be proactive in preventing, as well as appropriately responding to, workplace harassment claims. Employers face significant financial exposure from unlawful harassment litigation as well as a demoralized workforce. Lommen Abdo offers supervisory training covering the steps employers must take to reduce the risk of such conduct occurring and how to foster a workplace culture where all employees can reach their full potential. Properly trained supervisors can be your company’s first line of defense should such unlawful conduct occur in your workplace. Our discrimination and harassment training includes the following:

  • Understanding the types of conduct that can lead to an unlawful discrimination or harassment claim;
  • The essential elements of a discrimination and harassment policy;
  • The necessity of conducting discrimination and harassment training and education for all employees; and
  • The importance of responding promptly and effectively to harassment complaints, conducting a proper investigation; and taking appropriate corrective action; and
  • The need for a non-retaliation policy and best practices.

For further information about our Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment Supervisory Training or other employment training, contact Stacey DeKalb at 612.336.9310.